Join Our Yorktown 2014 Celelebration October 18th The 233rd anniversary of America's decisive Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown will be marked with a variety of engaging programs and tours on Saturday October 18th — Yorktown Day — in historic Plimoth Plantation, 137 Warren Avenue, in Plymouth from 9:00am to 2:30pm. Yorktown Day marks the anniversary of the American-French victory in 1781. In 1781, following a nine-day bombardment, British forces in Yorktown under General Charles Cornwallis requested a cease-fire and then surrendered more than 8,000 soldiers and sailors to the combined American and French armies commanded
The Massachusetts Society is an educational non-profit corporation (501(c)) that seeks to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, an appreciation for true patriotism, a respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship, and the unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.

We do this by perpetuating patriotism, courage, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph of the men who achieved the independence of the American people in the belief that these stories are universal ones of man's eternal struggle against tyranny and will inspire and strengthen each succeeding generation as it too is called upon to defend our freedoms on the battlefield and in our public institutions.

We decorate the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers and patriots. We support excellence in teaching of American history. We participate in patriotic observances. We support research and preservation of historic material on the men and women who fought or gave service for Independence in the American Revolutionary War. We reward our future leaders - our children - for excellence, achievement and outstanding citizenship.

In 1876 there were many celebrations to commemorate the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. As part of this patriotic fervor, a group of men in the San Francisco, California, area who were descendants of patriots involved in the American Revolution, formed an organization called the Sons of Revolutionary Sires. Their objective was to have a fraternal and civic society to salute those men and women who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the battle for independence from Great Britain. They desired to keep alive their ancestors' story of patriotism and courage in the belief that it is a universal one of man's struggle against tyranny - a story which would inspire and sustain succeeding generations when they would have to defend and extend our freedoms.

Out of the Sires grew the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, which was organized on April 30, 1889 - the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as our nation's first President. The SAR was conceived as a fraternal and civic society composed of lineal descendants of those that supported the cause of American Independence. The National Society was chartered by an Act of the United States Congress on June 9, 1906.



National Youth Oration Contest: “Preserve the Power of Free Speech”

it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery…” He delivered these words knowing that his political opponents in the room were virulently opposed to his position. But every man of his day in the American colonies embraced a common understanding of the liberty to speak freely.

President General’s Message: “Achieving Goals Together”

Serving as your President General is a great honor. When I joined the SAR, I had no idea that someday I would be serving you in this position. Billie and I want to express our gratitude for your support over the years. My primary goal is to continue advancing the objectives of this organization. The 124th Congress is behind us, and it was



The Beautifully Illustrated Family Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers

The Vault: Historical Treasures, Oddities, And Delights By Rebecca Onion The Vault May 21 2014 The Vault is Slate's history blog. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @slatevault, and find us on Tumblr. Find out more about what this space is all about here. Families of Revolutionary War veterans applying for government pensions

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Milford: Many thanks at Yanks tribute event

Lt. Col. John A. Cunningham, of the Col. Henry Knox Color Guard of Massachusetts, greets guests during the 8th Annual 9/11 Thanks to Yanks tribute dinner honoring veterans and active duty military at the Double Tree Hotel in Milford on Thursday. sturbridge-militia

Worcester marks its role in revolution

On Sept. 6, 1774, more than 4,600 militia from Worcester and three dozen surrounding towns descended on the county courthouse, forcing the magistrates appointed by the British administration to resign, and effectively declaring Worcester County to be beyond the reach of Parliament in London.

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