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Download spreadsheets

Click on the names in this section to download a comma-separated file with the associated data.

Reset Member Password

Use this section to change the password of a member on the website. The change is effective immediately.

Upload meeting minutes

This page uploads the minutes of meetings of the Board of Managers to the archive of minutes for all members to see. This page will return for additional uploads as needed when the upload completes.

Type of Minutes(Required)
YYYY dash MM dash DD
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.

Upload emails to MailChimp

You may press the button below to upload the emails of members to MailChimp. Before you begin, be sure there is space to add a list on MailChimp to prevent the routine from failing. This routine typically takes three-to-five minutes to complete. It branches to a status page for the effort when it is done.

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