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Below are the forms most commonly used by applicants and members of the society. The forms allow individuals to apply for membership and to reinstate, transfer, or extend their membership. Each form is editable in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Word. Simply download the document, save it to disk, and open the document to enter your information directly in it. Adobe Reader is available free here.

There are four types of forms:

  • New Applicants typically need Categories/Requirements/Fees, the membership template, the instructions, and research tips.
  • Lapsed Members need the reinstatement form to renew their membership in the state and national societies.
  • Transfer Applicants use the form to move their membership from another state to the Massachusetts Society.
  • Dual Membership Applicants may file to join the Massachusetts Society in addition to their membership in their home state.

Commonly Used Forms

Type Document Description
Membership Cost Manual The types of memberships for adults and youths, the costs of each type, and the process for applying.
Application Preparation Manual Overview of the types of documentation accepted, use of applications from other societies, research tips.
Application Work Sheet* The form to be completed and submitted for adult and youth memberships and supplimentals.
Genealogy Committee Policies Policies for acceptable service, family histories, documentation from other lineage societies, DNA, and more.
SAR What’s A brief explanation of our history, activities, and requirements for membership.
SAR Record Copy Request To request a copy of a membership application on a patriot ancestor on a current or past member of these societies.
DAR Record Copy Request
Reinstatements Reinstatement Application To reinstate one’s membership once it has lapsed.
Transfers State Transfer Application To transfer your membership from another state to the Massachusetts Society.
Duals Dual Membership Application To become a member of the Massachusetts Society in addition to your membership in your home state.
National Life Membership To join the National Society as a Life Member.
State Life Membership To join the Massachusetts Society as a Life Member.

*You may download the PDF Application Template if you lack Microsoft Word.

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