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Invitation to Revolutionary Reenactors, Interpreters, Sutlers

Invitation to Revolutionary Reenactors, Interpreters, Sutlers

Come join the Worcester Revolution!

Reenactors, interpreters, and sutlers of the Revolutionary period are invited to join us September 7th throughout the day. Space is available in Institute Park for musters, recruiting new members, demonstration of colonial life, firings, and sale of colonial-style items. At 3:15pm, we line up near the old Worcester courthouse where it happened for the reenactment of the Worcester Revolution of 1774.

At Institute Park — 11am – 4pm

  • Impersonators of 1774 historical figures — Whig & Tory
  • Displays/sales of colonial-era merchandise.
  • Depictions/interpretation of colonial life — men/women/kids.
  • Information/recruiting for your regiment.
  • Demonstrate musters, marches, drills, kitchens, tents.
  • Black-powder firings.
  • Food sales

Walking the Gauntlet — 4pm to 5pm

  • Baring of the Crown Court.
  • Capture of Crown Magistrates as they arrive.
  • Forcing their recantations of allegiance to the Crown.
  • Interpreters drawing the crowd into participation.
  • The lining of Main Street with townspeople from the towns.
  • March the magistrates to recant through the gearing gauntlet.
  • Celebration and victory!

Let us know of your interest to participate. Individuals and groups may write us on the volunteer form of our website. Sutlers and vendors should complete a registration form and email it to us here. Mention the details on the space you need and the types of items you would bring.

To join the reenactment at 4pm, complete the volunteer form and list the name of all those coming with you in the message box at the bottom of the form. Write “(colonial)” after each name if they will be in colonial attire either British or rebel. There are positions as British Magistrates, militia, interpreters to rile the crowd, and townspeople. Jim Hollister of the National Park Service (sponsor of Concord’s Battle Road) is organizing the event and will be in touch with you.

All are welcome at the grave marking at 10am in Rural Cemetery. The marking by patriots will be lead by the Sons of the American Revolution. His Magistry’s 10th Regiment of Foot will lead the British Morns Salute.

Massachusetts Society, Post Office Box 890235, Weymouth, MA 02189-0004, (508) 229-1776
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