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Massachusetts' Society wins National Website Award

Massachusetts’ Society wins National Website Award

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – July 12th, 2012 – The Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution earned the Outstanding Website Web Award at the 122nd National Congress for the best example of a website for the year, based on established criteria, nationally.

The Society website, at, was created to for adult citizens and youth to promote the principals of our nation and our responsibilities to our community as citizens.

“When people think of the American Revolution, they think about soldiers, uniforms, and battles,” commented Michael Fishbein, president of the state society. “We want to engage the community, and our future leaders, to the importance and relevance of our heritage so they can pursue an active role as citizens, as advocates, or as officials.”

The site was honored for its creative design and unique methods to engage the community. A major focus of Massachusetts Society is to encourage young adults, especially during their high school years, to explore the history and principals of America in order to promote citizenship and a commitment to our origins.

Of the Massachusetts Society’s design, the judges shared, “Very interactive and entertaining…very engaging. Love the nature of the design. This is what websites ought to be. Bravo!”

The National Website Award is sponsored by the President General of the National Society and is the most prestigious award for website and marketing. Each year, entries are made from across the nation into the competition. The judges, all recognized experts in the interactive industry, then rank the sites in 17 categories.

Winners are selected based on several factors including design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, and ease-of-use. All judges of the competition unanimously selected the Massachusetts Society for this year’s award.

“We are appreciative of the honor,” commented Douglas Dell, head of marketing and outreach for the Massachusetts Society. “It affirms our approach to design and build websites that are informative and engaging.”

The Massachusetts Society’s website includes interactive features, including a national map where members are located, forms to distribute information to inquirers, and a search engine in public and private portions of the site to locate information. There are also sections on each of the society’s programs, a collection of articles on the role of Massachusetts in the revolution, and maps, timelines, and educational articles as teaching aids.

Massachusetts Society, Post Office Box 890235, Weymouth, MA 02189-0004, (508) 229-1776
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