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SAR Genealogical Research Library

Databases, Accessing and Links

By Bruce Pickette,
Librarian General
SAR Magazine
Winter 2017, Vol. 111, No. 3

The Library’s Catalog is always available online and there are 15 useful “Links to Other Historical and Genealogical Libraries and Online Resources” on the Library’s main webpage. Also, many quality library databases have been available in-house for members and visitors to our library for quite some time. These include Ancestry, Fold3, Heritage Quest and the New England Genealogical Society. Because of proprietary rights, we can’t offer access to these outside the library. However, it has been the goal of the library staff, the national library committee and me, as Librarian General, to step up membership services by providing access to services to all members of the SAR from anywhere.

In November 2015, we announced the availability of two genealogical and Revolutionary War databases that can be accessed on the library website:

  • “Gale Genealogy Connect” is a first-quality eBook collection consisting of 189 individual titles of online genealogical research on how-to materials and original sources.
  • “Sources in American History OnLine: The American Revolution” contains nearly 500 primary source documents exploring the American Revolution, featuring personal accounts, maps, pamphlets and monographs.

To access the two databases, members may log in on the the society’s website and then go to the library site. Scroll down and on the left column you’ll see “Library Databases.” Links to the two databases are listed; don’t forget them when you are doing your research! Remember you must be logged in to see them.

Another asset available online is the “Family History Files,” a collection of 862 digitized files, totaling 36,000 pages, of miscellaneous genealogical information alphabetized by surname. The types of information include family association newsletters, pedigree charts, biographies, Bible records, and much more, all of which were donated to the library over many years. The information in them does not constitute “proof” documentation, but may be useful to you.

To access the “Family History Files,” members may use their ShareFile account online. Click on Shared Folders – Members – SAR Genealogical Research Library – then on the Family History Files folder. From there, you may click on Index file to determine if a surname is listed (the Index is not hyperlinked) or click on the relevant letter. The file may then be downloaded or opened.

Want to access more resources? Check out the SAR Library Sons of the American Revolution Facebook page, where we have more than 100 postings of links to both free and subscription genealogy sites, databases, compiled records, etc. Many are unique, hard-to-find digital resources that may be of value to you in your research.

The National Society maintains a genealogical research library because it benefits members, staff and other users, and acts as a vital repository of family information and material. You are invited to contribute books relating to genealogy and the Colonial, Revolutionary War and Founding periods. Do you have a family history book that you or a family member has compiled? Such a book is a perfect addition to the collection, ensuring your family’s legacy is known and available to future generations.

The library depends on your generosity and your membership in the Friends of the library is vital to help fund items needed for the library. If you’re unable to visit the library and want to see what it looks like, view the Library FOL Video on the main page of the library website.

Thank you for your support of the library.

C. Bruce Pickette, Librarian General

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