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Charles James Fox: Incidental Patriot?

Charles James Fox, by Karl Arton Hickel, 1774 By Henry J. Voegtle, Chancellor, Texas Society SAR SAR Magazine Winter 2017, Vol. 111, No. 3 Winston Churchill is reputed to have said that “history is written by the victors” and the…

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1777: The Road to Saratoga

SAR Magazine Winter 2017, Vol. 111, No. 3 A Trip with President General J. Michael Tomme — Proposed dates: May 4-13, 2017 — Pricing — Per adult (12 years and above): $2,999 Per youth (under 12 years in room): TBD…

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Myths of the American Revolution

Myths of the American Revolution A noted historian debunks the conventional wisdom about America's War of Independence By John Ferling Smithsonian Magazine January 2010 Britain's leaders made a miscalculation when they assumed that resistance from the colonies, as the Earl…

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The American Spy: Winning the War from the Shadows

In the middle of a dark night, a lone rowboat crosses the Long Island Sound. The date is Sept. 12, 1776. A few weeks prior, the British army, under the command of Gen. William Howe, had successfully invaded Long Island. George Washington, in defeat, retreated to Manhattan. He was desperate to gain any bit of intelligence on the British army's next plan of attack. One young man in this boat, by the name of Nathan Hale, had volunteered to travel behind enemy lines as a spy.
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Repeal of Stamp Act Forever stamps

Repeal of Stamp Act Forever stamps NEW YORK — The U.S. Postal Service today dedicated a Forever stamp souvenir sheet commemorating the 250th anniversary of the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766. The Stamp Act was British legislation that…

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The Crossing of the Dan Documentary

By Dan Shaw Halifax County Historical Society One of the most important events of the Revolutionary War After the Battle of Saratoga, Gates was appointed Commander of the Southern Army, but was quickly defeated at the Battle of Camden in…

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Sons of Liberty and their fight for freedom

History Channel tells real story of the Sons of Liberty and their fight for freedom Scott Bomboy Constitution Daily January 26, 2015 The new History Channel mini-series "Sons of Liberty" gives the Hollywood treatment to the revolutionary secret society. So…

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250 YearS ago : The STamp acT

250 YearS ago : The STamp acT The Beginning of the American Revolution Dr. David E. Schrader Massachusetts Society Sons of the American Revolution SAR Magazine, Fall 2015 On November 1, 1765, 250 years ago, an act called O“Duties in…

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