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Boston Children in the Revolution

A Boy Soldier Under Washington: The Memoir of Daniel Granger A Boy Soldier Under Washington: The Memoir of Daniel Granger Edit by M. M. Quaife Daniel Granger, who at the tender age of thirteen years shouldered a musket and took…

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Harvard’s year of exile

Harvard’s year of exile During the American Revolution, the College moved to Concord As Harvard celebrates its 375th anniversary, the Harvard Gazette examines key moments and developments over the University’s broad and compelling history. Lexington and Concord. April 19, 1775.…

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Liberty and Order: Primary Documents

Liberty and Order: Primary Documents By Lance Banning (From The Jack Miller Center) Within three years of the inauguration of the new federal Constitution, America’s revolutionary leaders divided bitterly over the policies most appropriate for the infant nation. Within five…

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New Podcast: Washington’s Farewell Address

New Podcast: Washington’s Farewell Address From Colonial Williamsburg’s in Podcasts When George Washington left office in 1796, he wrote down some words of advice to his successors. His words are eerily predictive of today’s political pitfalls, making them as…

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Privateers of the Revolution

By Charles R. Lampson The word privateer evokes different meanings for different people. Perhaps the definitions of both privateer and pirate will point out the subtle differences between the two. Privateer: A person who sails under a nation's or state's…

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Black Patriots of the American Revolution

A Memorial Day Remembrance Wallbuilders, February 2004by David Barton Americans have lost much of their knowledge of basic historical facts, particularly those relating to the American Revolution. In fact, a recent survey of high-performing college seniors found that more thought…

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