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Cemetery Preservation 101

Workshop on "Cemetery Preservation 101" at Leadership Meetings

SAR Education Outreach
Updated 13 March 2016

During the 2015 SAR Fall Leadership Meeting, the SAR Outreach Education offered its first workshop in "Cemetery Preservation 101", which was open to both members of the society as well as the general public. Over thirty attendees, including members of the SAR and DAR, genealogists, and passers-by were treated to a presentation on cemetery preservation by Mr. J. Michael Higgs, the historian at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Gwen Mooney, the president and CEO of Cave Hill Cemetery, was also present to supplement Higgs' program, speak on her own experience, and discuss related ideas following the talk. Higgs discussed the types of cemeteries, some common symbolism depicted upon headstones, and cleaning procedures and materials needed for different markers. Many attendees had great follow up questions about the obstacles they face in their own preservation within their states and local communities. Many stayed afterwards to continue their discussion with Higgs and Mooney. The opportunity fostered an interest in preservation that all could carry back with them from the meeting to use. If you missed this workshop, visit the website of the SAR Outreach Education for further details and takeaways.

The SAR was also able to record the "Cemetery Preservation 101" to prepare the material for release in spring 2016 on DVD. This new piece is a great program to adapt and present to chapters and community groups. Members and visitors unable to join Higgs at the presentation can find the associated materials on the SAR’s website. There, visitors will find Higgs' PowerPoint presentation, articles and handouts from the workshop, preservation book lists from the SAR Genealogical Research Library, and hundreds of state-by-state online resources to kick start their own efforts to preserve cemetaries locally.

A second presentation occurred during the 2016 Spring Leadership Meeting in a member-focused workshop. Be sure to see the website of the SAR Outreach Education for more information on it and other events.

We appreciate your enthusiasm in on-going learning, community outreach, and patriotic interests with the SAR.

About Cave Hill Cemetery: Located in the original Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, Cave Hill Cemetery, a 296-acre Victorian era cemetery and recognized Level II accredited arboretum in the Morton Register of Arboreta, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the largest cemetery by area and number of burials in Louisville. The cemetery has countless famous historical figures interred on the grounds, including George Rogers Clark; Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr.; Gideon Shryock; and Colonel Harlan Sanders. Tours are offered throughout the year.

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