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Commander’s Dispatch

As we roll out the seventh SAR Color Guardsman, I hope each of you is doing well. Thank you to all who contributed articles and pictures to make this communication piece a success. Please continue to submit information that you would like to share with other guardsmen.

This will be the last welcome and article from me as your National Commander. It has been a pleasure to serve as your Adjutant, Vice Commander and Commander. I would like to thank former Commander Larry Perkins for selecting me as his Adjutant at the Congress in Williamsburg. It has been an honor to serve you and the National Society as Commander. I would like to thank each you for all of the hard work you have put into making the NSSAR Color Guard the face of our society. I would also like to thank my staff for a job well done.

As you know, at Congress there will be a change in command. The changes in staff will be as follows; new Commander will be Mike Radcliff from Texas, new Vice Commander will be Dave Hoover from Maryland and the number one Adjutant will be Mark Anthony from South Carolina. At the Congress C G breakfast, I will announce the new adjutant. I know this new staff will do a great job.

Also, remember to look at the SAR home page for upcoming events that are not listed in the newsletter. Also, you need to check the NSSAR website under Historical Sites and Celebrations where various events are also listed. Editor, Mark Anthony will continue to list upcoming events in our newsletter.

I would like to thank everyone from the newest member of your chapter color guard to the most seasoned one. You have made my job of being your commander easy because each of you are not only honoring your Patriot, but someone else’s Patriot that you did not even know until you attended that grave marking or that national event to learn about these Patriots.

Yours in Patriotism,

J. Michael “Mike” Tomme, Sr.
NSSAR, Color Guard Commander

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